Welcome to my immigration website! Immigration law is incredibly complicated, with thousands of rules, each with an exception, and exceptions to the exception. Any attempt to comprehensively cover the topic would be fruitless, unless your name is Kurzban.

Rather than bite off way more than a full-time attorney and father of three can possibly chew, I’ve limited the site to some specially created resources and a blog, which will be updated from time to time with FAQs in addition to my own thoughts on current events and interesting aspects of the law. In doing so, I hope to create content on a regular basis that is both interesting and informative.

As immigration law is rapidly changing, and subject to very quick policy adjustments, please be aware that any older posts may have dated information.  And, it’s important to remember that this site is not intended to offer legal advice on your specific case, though I hope you find its content helpful and interesting.

Majestic, right?

Majestic, right?


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