How to Use the Site

For starters, I want this to be easy for you!  I’m an attorney, I know how to find the answers. I have legal research at my fingertips – and I know you don’t. This site is designed to close that information gap and get you the answers you need.

There’s no way this site will have everything you need, but my hope is to have enough pieces in place that you can get your general questions answered (and even some of your more specific ones). At some point, you will probably need to ask an attorney about your specific case. I hope to get you as far as I can before you reach that point!

I find that most people have two base questions: (1) How do I get in the U.S.?, and (2) How do I stay in the U.S. now that I’m here?  The devil is, of course, in the details. I have a page dedicated to each of these topics where I will include some general discussion of the law relevant to each.  To know which page you need, just figure out which question you need the answer to.  Just like that – BOOM – you know where to go!

Next, I have a page titled the Consult-O-Matic.  (It’s a working title.) On this page, I’ll discuss various fact patterns that may come up in an immigration case, identifying the key issues and possible resolutions. This is never-ending task for me, so as the number of scenarios grows, they will be categorized for ease of use. Look here for unusual patterns that may match your own situation to gather ideas of your options.

Finally, visit my Blog for immigration news, insight, and musing from yours truly. This may be more interesting for attorneys than non-attorneys, but everyone is welcome!

I genuinely hope that something on my site will be helpful to you!  Good luck!


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