Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My G-28 Gone?

How is this still an issue?  When I re-started into immigration about four (4) years ago, I picked up an apparently straightforward I-751 case.  We completed the paperwork, filed it with a G-28 (on blue paper), and waited to get our receipt notice . . . and waited . . . and waited.  I’m still waiting. Four years later (after a divorce, an RFE, an amended petition, AILA liaison assistance, and two InfoPass appointments), and after having resent the G-28 to every employee of USCIS, my client had to tell me she was approved.

Here's a G-28 for you, and one for me . . . just kidding, here's another one for you!

Here’s a G-28 for you, and one for me . . . just kidding, here’s another one for you!

My favorite story, though, occurred more recently. I filed an asylum petition (with a G-28) and only got a biometrics notice, but it was clearly sent to me as “Representative’s Copy.” After 150 days, I filed the I-765 with a G-28 and got an email notification and receipt number. It ran outside of processing times, so I called USCIS Customer Service, was elevated to an officer, and was told that I had no G-28 on file — even though I was holding a “Representative’s Copy” notice and had received an email receipt to my work email address.  Either I’m the attorney or there’s a serious data breach at USCIS. The best part, though, is that now I have no idea if I’m actually attached to the asylum petition, and as practitioners know, they only correspond by mail. HA! Life is fun.

Still, though, how does this remain a problem at USCIS? The left hand continually has no clue that it even has a right hand, let alone what it’s up to. For something as critically important as client representation, this is a huge deal. But USCIS has yet to dedicate any resources (so far as I know) to actually remedy the problem. In fact, they went the other way, bumping the G-28 from 2 pages to 4, because more paper will certainly fix the problem.

Something needs to change, as I know I’m one of thousands of attorneys who’ve experienced this precise problem.  And who knows how many clients have suffered because of it? That’s just unacceptable.

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