Is a Law Blog Beneficial?

Yesterday, Above The Law ran a story on whether or not it was necessary to actually attract people to your law blog.  Ironically, the original link was to a blank story.  Maybe they were trying to make a point. But, eventually, the story showed up in full.

The article raises a good question for legal bloggers: What’s the point of all of this?  Is it to generate traffic and new business leads or is it to provide credibility? Or is it merely because you like to wax poetic on the law?  You have to know your goal before you start writing or you’ll never know if you’re doing a good job.

I believe I come down on the side of credibility. Unless you have a high volume blog with a huge platform, I don’t believe a blog will generate new business.  But, the first thing I do with any attorney I come across (or really anything that is recommended to me), is to Google it. I want to be wowed by what I find.  I want that blog/website to seal the deal. But maybe that’s just me?

I’d be curious to hear what other legal bloggers think on this topic. Are we just shouting into the void?


The Void: Where You’ll Find My Blog and Daleks

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